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Our restaurant

In Italy we are lucky because food is delicious and every region has its own specialties. In Maemma, probably due to the presence of many families coming from other regions at the time of the Land Drainage (Our family among them) cooking styles mixed up creating recipes of a very high quality that in the end became part of our regional tradition. An other main character on our tables is our typical unsalted bread that allow us to prepare many tasty dishes that once coupled with our top quality wines are a real taste experience for those who love food and wine. Come and visit our typical restaurant “GUSTA LA MAREMMA”, (Taste MAremma) just 2 kms away from our agritourism, you won’t be disappointed!

15 % discount on the menu price for the guests of the agritourism or the possibility to make a reservation for 7 dinners (Starters, First Course, Second course, Side dish and coffee) at 126.00 € /each (18.00/dinner).

Our Starters
Mixed Maremma Cold Sliced Meat
Taste of Sheep milk Cheese
Taste of Tuscany’s Croutons
Sweet and Sour vegetables and vegetables in oil
Mixed Maremma Cold Sliced Meat
Fresh and matured sheep milk cheese (with honey and jam)
Maremma’s Croutons
HAm and Fresh Milk Cheese
Ham and Melon
Marinaded anchovy with onions

just choose a kind of pasta and couple it to your preferred sauce. the price is always the same € 7.00
Fresh Made Pasta:
Pappardelle - Tortelli - Pici - Tagliatelle - Tagliolini - Gnocchi
Dried Seed Corn Pasta
Spaghetti –Penne
Boar, Hare, roe, duck, sausages and leek, mixed meat, buttero style, vegetarian, artichokes, mushrooms, fresh tomato, aglione, sage and butter

Our Soups
Acquacotta – Mushrooms Soup – Chickpeas soup. € 7,00

Florence steak (Average Weight 1.2 Kgs)     € 4,20 x hg
Rib Steak (Average Weight 0.5 Kgs)     € 3,50x hg
Carve with mushrooms     € 14,00
Carve with salad and tomatoes     € 12,00
Green Pepper Fillet     € 14,00
Grilled Fillet     € 12,00
Pork Mixed Grilled Meat     € 9,00
Meat Chops cooked with Pepper and Morellino Wine     € 9,00
Pork Steak with side dish     € 10,00
Boar Stew     € 9,00
Sausages and beans     € 7,00
Entrails with tomato     € 7,00
Maremma style codfish     € 10,00
Turnip and sausages     € 7,00
Fried Chicken     € 7,00
Fried Lamb Cutlets     € 7,00