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In the heart of Tuscany’s Maremma
Alberese, 10 km far away from Grosseto in Maremma Natural Park, it’s the siege of our small agritourism. A 30’s country house built after the Great Land Drainage carried out by the Opera Nazionale Combattenti. Our 18 ha flat clay-soil surface are ideal to cultivate cereals and hay and that’s what we do, biologically indeed. Even if not yet certified!. Across 25 years activity we understood the typology of our guests and why they return home satisfied and often come back with their friends. Therefore, read the following list and find out if something meet your needs, come in harmony, you will be welcome and will find yourself at ease.

15 reasons to visit Maremma and choose San Gabriele Agritourism
1. Look for calm, relax and rest
San Gabriele Agritourism, in the heart of Maremma country, on a road that leads to the Ombrone river, traffic is scarce and in some period of the year completely absent. Therefore if you want to read a book, relax away from the city chaos, take a walk across the quiet country or walk along the river, San Gabriele Agritourism is the ideal place to do it with absolute calm.
2.Not only Good Air
Living in the city has many advantages indeed, but country air breathing is completely different.
Here we have the pleasure to wake up early in the morning and breath the morning air full throated. You can also enjoy the fragrance of the country, the sound of birds and turtle-doves, cock-crows or hen clucks when laying eggs, cow moos, dog barks, horse neighs and women shouting at their husbands when lunch is ready (more and more rare nowadays that we have mobile phones).
You will be able to see how we live and work, to enjoy wonderful sunsets, to look at the stars without light pollution and help us to carry out some light land-works if you wish.

3. You look for an excellent and wonderful location
Despite our Agritourism is situated in the heart of nature, we are only 3km away from Alberese and Ripescia, 10km away from Grosseto and is central position, allows you to reach easily all the main historical, natural and artistic centres of the Maremma. Marina di Alberese is only 5 minutes away, Osa beach only 10 and Talamone rocks only 12. If you want to know more please visit the Territory section.
4. You wouldn’t dislike making new friends
We are the very first friends you will make. We like to know our guests, laughing and playing with them, having dinner and take them to daily excursions, etc. only if they wish and always respecting their privacy. Anyway it happens sometimes that our guests become ever lasting friends.

5. You look for a little help and some good advice before and during your holiday

Before you come here you will be informed about everything you need to know and a special present is ready for you, a wonderful Tourist Guide of The Maremma, in order you will never lose your way during excursions.
If the Guide is not enough, feel free to ask us: our long time experience will be at your disposal to help you to live an unforgettable holiday.
6. Do you like riding bicycles
This is the kingdom of the bicycle. A completely flat ground to reach the sea or just to enjoy short day trips. On the contrary for those who love to keep fit and ride for kilometres there many kind of paths: hills, with easy ups and downs and low mountains with some steep parts and long and windy straight roads.
Every year a couple of professional cycling teams, participating in the Italian Cycling Tour, train in this area. We also host two races the Gran Fondo Citta’ di Grosseto race and the MAssimiliano Lelli gran fondo race; Massimiliano Lelli is an ex professional runner born in Manciano.
For Cycling lovers we can also organize daily excursions with guide and assistance with a full equipped van.

7. Do You Love the Sea
Maybe this goes without saying but the 5 km of Alberese beach inside the Maremma Natural Park are really amazing and unique.There’s only one way to the sea, drivable with your own car (but parking is limited) or reachable by a free shuttle service during the high season. Anyway we suggest you to go there by bicycle . You can ride along a wonderful cycle track crossing fields covered with cattle and horses and the Alberese pine forest..
The sea tides changes, caused by the building of new ports, over the last years has modified our coast. During winter storms, salty water reaches plants on the beach that die shortly and, once dry, fall on the beach creating every year a unique and different scenario.
By chance this affects only a short part of the coast, in the remaining part the forest is quite distant from the sea, the beach gets bigger and it happens that people lying on the beach can be 50/60 mt far from each other. Also, in the most isolated part of the beach, far away from the only access point nudist can enjoy sun and see completely naked.
This is not only beach nearby , in only 10/15 drive you can reach Osa, Principina di Mare and Marina di Grosseto’s beach, equipped with seaside resorts but even free beaches were you can practice any kind of water sport, surf, kite, diving and sailing. For the lovers of the rocks there are alsoTalamone e l'Argentario.
8. Horses are your passion
In Maremma we have horses of different races, but those who really love this animal can’t help to come here and ride the famous one hand Maremma ride, sat on the Scafarda, the typical maremma saddle (used by our cow-boys “Butteri” in the famous challenge against buffalo bill).
The maremma horse is one of the most beautiful and versatile race of the world. Today it is used both for work with cattle by the last Butteri and for sport (high hurdles and dressage), during special play and sport events or simply for a walk. This kind of horse has no rival in terms of physical resilience, climate adaptation and resistance to any kind of mosquitoes. He has no fear of broken grounds, ditches and wild animals. He can easily walk through the forest and seawater as well.
Here it is possible to see and try to ride our horses. You will have the chance to spend half or an entire day together with the Butteri and their horses. It is also possible to watch games and gymkhanas shows (1st of May and 15t August here in Alberese).You can even take some high hurdles and riding lessons at F.I.S.E. centre or just take some wonderful rides across the Natural Park.
For those who don’t want to ride a horse there is also the possibility to make daily trips on a chariot and visit some agritourisms of the area enjoying a typical food and wine tasting.

9. You can’t renounce to one of the most important life delights: Wine and Food
Maremma is the kingdom of wine and food, sliced cold meat, cheese, olive oil, typical dishes and many more specialties. You will have the chance to visit caves, dairies, olive-press farms and restaurants where you will taste some delicious delicatessen. If you need some advice in order to organize your personal tour feel free to contact me.

10. You love Nature and Animals
Besides the Maremma Natural park, where our Agritourism is situated, In a few time you can reach the Arcipelago Toscano National Park and other 21 Natural Reserves, 7 of which are state owned and other 4 are Bird Preservation Areas.

11. You would like to deepen your knowledge of a territory rich in history and art
Tuscany’s Maremma was populated since from prehistory times as shown by recent archaeological findings dated up to Neolithic and Bronze Age. Over the centuries, then, many peoples and cultures have left important and visible marks on our lands, among them Etruschi, Romans, French, Spanish and Jews as well as some important families like Aldobrandeschi, Orsini, Sforza, Lorena and Medici.

12.Your Hobbies are Photography, Jogging, Fishing and Hunting
If photography is your hobby, you just need to watch the pictures on our website. They were taken by three important photographers which we really would like to thank. Carlo Bonazza (see above) and Mr and Ms Mora our guest from Milan , but above all beloved friends Through this pictures you will discover the beauty of landscapes and hidden corners of our region.
If you like Jogging there are from 5 minutes to 2 hrs dedicated paths around the Agritourism ;
If Fishing is your Hobby, Ombrone river and the sea nearby are the right spots for you. You can also find some torrents and small lakes in the surrounding area.
If Fishing is your Hobby, If you love Hunting you can build your own hunting shed in our fields during hunting season, If you love wild pig huntingwe can introduce you to some old hunters that will invite you to a shooting. If you love dog hunting,no matter how good you are, you will always finish second because the local hunters study the movements of hares and pheasant for months and on the hunt opening day these poor animals have a few minutes left, anyway if you wish to try...

13. Choose an Eco sustainable holiday and a better environment
At San Gabriele we are very sensitive to environment so we care about its protection.
Over the last 10 years we have been using solar panels to heat the water used by our facility. We have a 300 litres tank placed on our roof to gather heated water. Starting from this year we have installed a 5kw photovoltaic power supply, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions, the main cause of global heating and climate changes.
You can contribute too! Choose a 100% eco sustainable holiday at San Gabriele Agritourism!

14. You have to come to Maremma for work reasons
If you have to stop in maremma for work reasons and you need internet, we are equipped with a wireless connection and service is free. If you are looking for an accommodation , in low season period, please contact me, the price can be lower and lower according to the length of your staying.

15.If Luxury is not for you
If you are looking for a clean, simple and cosy environment with a good quality/price level, we represent the ideal place for you. On the contrary, if are looking for a luxury place you should probably apply somewhere else!